Our story

We are passionate about how people and spaces connect through design. Riveting was created to transform and elevate spaces with the aim of improving people’s wellbeing, featuring: imaginative forms, vibrant colours and innovative designs.

The word Riveting stands for something fascinating that draws the attention completely. That’s exactly how we come across.We strive to create play and nice aesthetics that catch the eye. You can’t help but notice a Riveting product, our products are very original and design fanatics would definitely fall for them.

Our Values


Creativity is the essence of Riveting. We incorporate it into every level, starting from creating our designs to the craftsmanship, to the management, all the way to the final customer.


Playing is essential to being human. In Riveting,we’re all about playing around with the idea of material, volume and dimensions, space and nothingness .We are also continuously exploring new ideas and solutions to contribute to society.


We adapt to different situations and customers. We try our best to answer our clients needs and offer them what they want. Our customers' feedback is taken very seriously and we act upon it.


We act innovatively with confidence and courage, and our products represent us. We initially founded Riveting with the aim of pushing boundaries of contemporary furniture design and challenging people's perceptions on how homes, workplaces and leisure environments are furnished.


We value human relations. We want our products to help people be more connected to themselves and other fellow-human beings.We are passionate about how people and spaces connect through design.

What makes us Riveting

Words that reflect who we are