Ri-connect collection: the inspiration and process behind it

Ri-connect collection: the inspiration and process behind it

Influenced by postmodernism and other design styles and movements, Riveting is launching an autumn collection !

This new collection is inspired by ways of life and powered by the need to make people feel connected to themselves and their interiors. The Ri-connect collection does not only bring fresh & transformative designs that shape a new conception of space, but it also brings immense joy to people, surrounding them with warm yet vibrant colours and friendly contours.

Encouraged by the urge to make dynamic, vibrant and novel products; the design team started the process by sourcing materials. Initially, we searched for the best quality finishes in collaboration with the artisans. We combined the skills and experience of Moroccan craftsmanship with our design thinking and artistic vision as well as today’s technology to get the best results.Since it all started with the concept of connection and how space can help us have the best experiences in that regard,our design team explored multiple areas of connection and interaction to create products that encourage conversation and deep talk .  

In this edition of Riveting products ,we chose distinct colours & bold shapes that have the autumn feel but still fit every season. Each detail is intentional and every colour is carefully chosen . Our perfectly curvy and deliciously finished pieces are highly functional , very beautiful to look at and most of all creates the wow effect . From our side tables to the mirrors, every single product has its own look and its own place to be . 

Our side tables and seating options are made to answer different aesthetic and functional needs. They all make your living space more subtle and harmonious by adding warmth and comfort .Meanwhile, our mirrors bring an accent to the room and add the magic touch needed to achieve the perfect space. And then, our posters bring you elegance, friendliness and sometimes cosiness as one of our poster sets was inspired from the famous Danish lifestyle concept “Hygge“. They are a great investment to illuminate your bland walls and add fun and colour to your room.

In conclusion, our collection is a result of months of experimentation,weeks of testing, and at the heart of it all: empathy and emphasis on the importance of people's wellbeing . We are glad to present to you our autumn collection that exists to make you feel connected and content. It’s time to make your space a reflection of your individuality and coolness ! 

Designed by Riveting studio & handcrafted by our talented artisans. Soon delivered to your door steps .