Express your individuality and personality with Riveting

Express your individuality and personality with Riveting

People are in the centre of design. We expect from design to bring the best out of every individual and inspire them to reach their full potential . If our bodies are home to our souls then design is home to our bodies.Craft your design experience ,curate your interior style !

Design creates impact on our everyday choices,behaviours and habits.Transformative and intentional design is linked to identity and the sense of originality. As humans,we all deserve to exist in a space where we find a sense of belonging , where we connect and become part of a community while representing our uniqueness. Living spaces aren’t supposed to look dull and full of beige and grey objects ,they could as well be a fun colourful playground .

In the process of creating an enjoyable and rich interior , not only furniture designers, interior designers and decorators take part. Every individual is meant to use space and objects to create play and show their unique approach to what space is supposed to be or represent . A lot of the time, Modular furniture or puzzle-like furniture gives us a chance to create our perfect combinations, to craft our perfect version of the product and to adjust our surroundings according to our requirements and desires .

Transformative furniture is poetry choosing different words each time. It alters the flow of the room and the atmosphere, and creates more possibilities which makes us find joy in matching , adding and changing, layering and creating symmetry. Different Riveting products reflect precisely these concepts.As an example, “The scone stool”  is an item that is great for layering , creating additional seating without clutter and leaving the room feeling airy and balanced .Meanwhile,  another Riveting piece called “Piece of cake” gives us the full experience of minimal yet effective contemporary design. It is great for transitional areas but also perfect for dividing space and creating calm & relaxing spots. 

You don’t have to choose between aesthetics and utility, you can have both with compact structures of Riveting designs. Our products offer an exceptional experience where you can play with scale,colour,angle and repetitiveness.They have immense potential for flexibility and enhance interaction and togetherness . Products like The Moon side table or the arrow are great examples to understand how intentionally crafted transformative designs can play a role in taking it further away from pure functionality and aesthetics . 

Our designs look different because they perform differently. They act as reconfigurable versatile pieces that not only look good but last long .We provide you a playful experience where space is your canvas and our products are your medium.

Express your singularity, create the perfect space for your family or community and live in a space that’s one of a kind !